The offer of VITALITA is composed of 5 kind of products :

-a range of frozen food and soups, organic and/or gluten free : ready-meals, pizzas, burritos, soups of the brand AMY’S KITCHEN,

-a range of sweet and salted biscuits, cooked pastas and cereals bars, gluten free of the brand MRS CRIMBLES,

-a range of fresh, vegan and gluten free soups of the brand SOUPOLOGIE,

-a range of organic snack food (seasoned grilled lenses), vegan and gluten free, of the brand CUISINE SOLEIL

-a range of a snack food 100% organic fruits of the brands SLOWFRUIT and KOPO : ready to snack and healthy,


Estelle Rousselot and Jacky Rousselot, managers of VITALITA DISTRIBUTION, offer you several service in France.